Cover art
this page covers most of the design work i have completed for musical releases. they are all made with designs that suit the mood of each project, using purely original material or incorporating photos and other design elements that are provided.
virtually everything you see on this website can be commissioned or modified for use as cover art, with options to add your own elements too so as to make it as collaborative a process you like. 
PLEASE get in touch if you are interested at , or dm me on instagram @the_will_vic
artist: knights
label: plaza
label by cortese, with releases including baloo, drumwork, sattam, elk, tamlin, tyvion valentine, absenol., sean roman, peter damian, kelmo, spadina express, lazy susan, kitty, higgo, tvu and dj whipr snipr
artist: Sattam
artist: buzz violet
artist: juan the nomad
artist: jed