physical collages / Curation
Finding connections between photos from different places and moments is a fun past-time of mine. There's a big satisfaction that comes from matching the colours of two very different images, or continuing the horizon, a tree branch and so on. The end result creates a more cohesive collage of sorts, making it seem as if the photos as a whole are one from a distance. The best thing about it is that you can be looking at this wall of pictures, and then you'd see that you can match two pictures even better, so the positions change frequently. 
featured here are selections of my bedroom wall collages, stretching back to 2013. other pieces further down the page see collages made up of assorted national geographic magazines, and one with a ton of cut up faces of all my friends using the taken-down photos of an old shared house.
bedroom wall collages:
memories of east slope:
collage of cut-outs from printed photos of my old university halls (since knocked down)
national geographic collages (various 2015 editions - made in 2021):