Will Vickers
designer, Photographer, video editor and visual artist based in England
this website features a combination of my creative mediums, mixing personal work with client projects

I have a background in producing unique visual content for a variety of forms and industries -
from photographing and creating designs for underground musical artists and music-event labels, to editing videos & designing animations for the likes of Aston martin, Goldman Sachs, intel & the premiere league, to exhibiting my own surreal photo-collage artworks in brighton and rotterdam

 i have worked freelance since 2017, and since 2021 have taken a leading role in post-production at inspohub, a video marketing agency specialising in b2b video and events. 
my work with Inspohub is extensive, however what I am able to show publicly is limited so if you would like to see some of the aforementioned clients and videos, some of these can be requested.

My experience includes: 
music videos & visualisers, motion graphics & digital advertising, cover art & events posters, video & radio interview editing, analogue/digital photoshoots & press shots, events photography & social media design, photo editing, live graphics operating, live vision mixing, production assistant, camera operating, conference graphics, digital imaging technician, email newsletter design and exhibition art

please note that this website is best optimised for viewing on computer screens and formats, however it will still look great if you are on a phone or a tablet
 For any inquiries or for more information, Please drop a message below or email me at williamv1303@gmail.com 
Thank you!