Video essay submitted as part of my final Portfolio for a Documentary America module at the University of Sussex. 
This is the first video i have made of this sort and it was definitely a learning process, not only of the content but in the creating and recording of this form. one improvement i would make in future videos would be to record the essay script I had written before editing the video, and not the other way around (as i had done, writing first, then editing the video to match it, and only then recording). as a result my dialogue begins in a slightly rushed manner to try and fit all of what i had to say in time (although this improves as the video goes on). 
considering this was one of my many "lockdown" projects during a university term that was almost all done remotely, i am quite happy with how this turned out. my tutor said that this she will use this as a teaching resource for future years so not bad going for a first time project. hopefully the first of this style of many.  

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