frogline: enter the pond
A new type of business, a new form of living, a new kind of experience.
We are the greatest company to ever exist. Unparalleled levels of communication, networking, human resources and banging tunes.

...don't get it twisted, it's a Brighton donk night.
Call the ☎️ Donkline ☎️ at 0800 144 8463

donkline are an events and record label. these are photos i shot from their frog-themed night in august 2023. the edit i made was all me but the photos for the edit were split between my own and with freddie tarrant's. 

 a funny detail for me in shooting this is that i had spent the week camping and roadtripping across sardinia, then flown back the friday evening, dropped my bag and went straight here to shoot this. i don't think i need to explain the drastic differences between camping and being on holiday in beautiful tranquil sardinia, and a fr0g-themed rave in the middle of august in volks (if you know volks you will understand what i mean). it felt like i had had the cultural equivalent of mouthwash. 
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