games global: brand launch and live remote editing
In May 2022, InspoHub helped to provide the video and photographic elements for the brand launch of Games Global, held in Albufeira, Portugal. we worked in collaboration with, who were in charge of the rigging and physical production elements of the event. 
Half of our team were working in Portugal, capturing the content throughout the days and nights of the events. the bulk of this footage would largely be edited at our home offices in Brighton by myself and Alyx Ashton. Alyx would focus on photo editing whilst I was focused on video editing, sending finished Stories and Reels that would be uploaded to the clients’ Instagram on the day.
as well as working on post-production for the client, i also edited a behind-the-scenes video for using footage captured by our team. in addition, we created a short case study video that describes our process of working in both Albufeira and Brighton simultaneously.
remote working case study
day 1 stories compilation (16:9, muted, displayed onscreen at event for day 2)
reel sample behind-the-scenes

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