Klaviyo: International Women's Day 2022 panel
in march 2022, Inspohub was in charge of the video-production of an international women's day panel by klaviyo.
my role in the project was in charge of editing the piece together. I also designed and animated the opening graphics, incorporating klaviyo's recent rebranding, as well as other graphic elements such as an event-specific bug and lower third nametags.
difficulties came when two of the panelists were, at the last minute, to be filmed remotely. nonetheless, these issues were overcome - you can watch the whole video below as well as shorter, social-media orientated cuts.
Klaviyo x Event.live: exhibition booth stand
in june 2022, Inspohub filmed klaviyo's exhibition space at a retailer's conference. this was a collaboration between klaivyo and event.live, who had worked with klaviyo to design the booth. the series of videos were intended for social media marketing, both in portrait 9:16 formats.
paul rowse was camera operator, ben blake was producer and i was in charge of editing and other post-production graphics. 

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