Trailers, Documentaries and editing work
Human Behaviour (trailer)
Final project for documentary filmmaking module at Oregon state university using found-footage (and a very select few of my own videos) to create a trailer for an imagined documentary. 2018.
Keeping in tune with the "history of music festivals" premise of my documentary, I used clips of some of the iconic festivals and outdoor performances of the 1960s and 1970s, as well as clips from contemporary music festivals. For these more recent ones I only included footage from festivals I've actually been to.
Literary Journalism - The Journalistic Signatures of Tom Wolfe and Hunter S. Thompson (video essay)
Video essay submitted as part of my final Portfolio for a Documentary America module at the University of Sussex. 2020.
This was the first video i made in this form and it was definitely a learning process, not only in the content but in the creating and recording of it. My talents definitely don't lie in narration, as you will be able to hear - but for the purposes of this video it works
considering this was one of my many lockdown projects during a university term that was almost entirely self-taught at home, i am happy with how this turned out. my tutor said that this she would use this as a teaching resource for future years - not bad going for a first time project. 
hope to make more video essays of this style in the future
JED - getaway (music video)
music video I edited for JED, a Brighton-based rapper and producer. 2021.
JED - MILLIONS (music video)
music video I edited for JED, a Brighton-based rapper and producer. 2021.
The smoke sesh: episode 1 (interview)
interview i collaborated in editing for fusion hive, an oregon-based art collective. the rappers are 4tress and rayvon owens. 2019.​​​​​​​

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