Original visualisers
prior to 2019, most of my music videos were created using content that had been found rather than been created myself. Whilst this was a pretty fun way to create videos and practice my skills in editing, it was limiting in being able to create commercialised content, as well as cultivating my own style.
so all the videos you see on this page are using my own photos, videos and creations exclusively. some of these are simply just using photographs i have already taken and then manipulating them into warping visualisers, but others are more personal and try to speak to places or moments that are meaningful to me. 
edited using a single photograph shot on film in snowdonia national park, warped and twisted digitally to create a moving visualiser. the tune is a melodic and beautifully organic-sounding garage track by a very talented producer. send knights some love:  https://soundcloud.com/knightsmusicuk/eclipse-clip  / https://kanedarecords.bandcamp.com/album/eclipse-ep
Erykah Badu - On and on (Bleach UKG Remix)
edited using a single photograph shot on film from Brighton pier, warped and twisted digitally to create a moving visualiser with the song's waveform and spinning globe gifs. the tune is a lovely, late-night uk garage remix of the erykah badu classic. check out the rest of bleach's bangers here: https://soundcloud.com/bleach-dnb
DJ Sunbeam & Dj nimbus - Gooey Garage
the only track on here that was co-created by myself and my housemate (who was undeniably the ringleader on the music side of things). the video was created using a single shot i took on brighton's seafront at night with some of kodak's 500t 35mm film, and then edited myself using mirrorlab, premier pro and the song's waveform on ableton.
The song was crafted using a variety of samples: Glass Animals - Gooey ; Reel 2 Reel - I Like To Move It ; Wildchild - Renegade Master ; Brighton Seafront Binaural Audio ;  Lyn Collins - Think About It ; and, The O Jays - Give People What They Want. check out our soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/vicjams
bonobo - emkay 
This video tested my ageing computer to its very limits, and HAVING SINCE UPGRADED I AM SURPRISED THE LAPTOP I MADE THIS ON ACTUALLY MANAGED ANY OF THIS . Was a fun experiment I started earlier this year using maps as a source material to create abstract images. With this project I did the same but with animation to one of my favourite Bonobo tracks.
I tried to incorporate the maps of places where I have lived in the past and journeys that are notable and have stuck in the imagination: I started with Brighton and the surrounding SOuth downs, the city I currently reside in and the birthplace of bonobo's. this follows with distorted images of the town of my upbringing, croxley green, as well as a lot of glimpses of northwest london and the surrounding area. there is a lot of corvallis, oregon, where i spent my study year abroad and a place where the surrounding natural landscapes have been an inspiration to me ever since. towards the end i feature some of my favourite and most personally iconic road journeys: Corvallis to Newport and then up the oregon coast, and corvallis through the santiam mountain pass through the cascade mountains. 
No copyright infringement on Bonobo's part, go listen to him: bonobomusic.bandcamp.com/ If anyone happens to know him please show him this
DJ Boring - For Tahn 
My granma had sent me some baby videos she had on my twenty-first birthday, and i overlaid these with some videos i had on my phone of the landscapes of the North american west (i was on a year out in oregon at the time). i like to think that the baby in the videos can see HIMSELF BEING TRANSFORMED INTO COPIES OF HIMSELF. IT ALSO LOOKS AS THOUGH AS HE STARES INTO THE CAMERA AND OUT AT THE changing landscapes before him. the expressions are matched twenty-years apart: the same eyes curiously staring AT THE CAMERA ARE THE same eyes THAT LOOKED OUT INTO THOSE LANDSCAPES, so i guess you could call this a self-portrait of myself as an infant and as a young adult, and the track works well for that. 
no copryright infrigement intended. give him some love: https://soundcloud.com/djboring1990
lockdown art montage
compilation of most of the artworks I made throughout 2020, starting from the day my household started lockdown in march, through to December of that year.
Song: Antônio Carlos Jobim​​​​​​​ - The Red Blouse
mf doom - black snake root
A quick experiment i did using the glitch lab and mirror lab apps with premier pro. mf doom's instrumental album special herbs vol. 4, 5 & 6.

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