video collages (unofficial music videos)
These are all projects i made between 2017 and 2019. my source material was kept as open as possible, repurposing clips and content from the visual material of my day to day. this included films, music videos, memes and virtually anything "usable" i found online, but also included what i saw from the outside world which i would try and find a copy of to implement in. 
oftentimes i would get an idea of what would fit well with a song, find some weird youtube video with barely 50 views and watch it transform into something completely different. in a way it was stealing, but I was getting creative with it, and using it as a means to teach myself music video editing. doing it this way meant you found some cool clips too. I think of it as a visual equivalent of sampling and mixing with music.
 getting the visuals is one thing, but getting the timings and shifting the mood of that with the music offers the greatest amount of fun. it's amazing how easily you can fit a video into the theme of another song. you can go on youtube now and put on a 4k video of jellyfish in an aquarium, slow it down a bit and put on some smooth jazz. or get some kids dancing on a tv show, speed it up and add some dirty drum and bass, and you will find how easy it is for song and video to perfectly sync up. 
i try to extend this process to creating a collage of videos that moves with the beats, phrases and sounds of the music. Other times I just try and match the mouth movements and dancing of, say, mr krabs, to the lyrics of a completely different song. Not all of these are funny but i think all of them are entertaining for the eyes.
loading times too slow? click through this google photos link to find all of my videos hosted elsewhere 
Khmlwugh - Homeshake / Electric Relaxation (BADBADNOTGOOD cover)
The second music video of this sort I ever made: a mashup of chicago skylines (which have occupied my imagination since when i used to visit as a kid) and other strange videos 
GIn and Juice - Snoop Dogg
this one's a funny one - peter Gabriel works well with this song and yet has never looked more out of place
Don't Trip - Shigeto
Itzehoe - Max Graef 
probably one of my personal faves: a mixture of footstep footage which you might recognise
Circlont6a [141.98] (syrobonkus mix) - APhex Twin
Sunday - HNNY
One Thing (Flamingosis mix) - Amerie
footsteps in the dark - the isley brothers
Alberto basalm - aphex twin
i dare say no one has ever before combined men at work's down under with season 3 episode 8 of twin peaks, and i am proud to be the first
A new career in a new town - David bowie
Me, Myself and I - De La Soul
i69 - Roman GianArthur
Tereza My love - antonio carlos jobim
white glove (live) - Khruangbin
two can win - j dilla
Dakota's Song - Yesterday's New quintet
feminina - joyce
if anyone else has seen a mashup of brazilian music with weird vapourwave videos like these then I'd like to see them
Turn me away (get munny) - Erykah Badu
Venus as a Boy - Bjö​​​​​​​rk

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